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Brody Update

As many of you know, we were blessed early with the arrival of our newest addition (7 weeks and 3 days early) this past Christmas. This was the most joyous and terrifying thing I have experienced. That being said, in the midst of great uncertainty, God was faithful and brought increase to our family when the threat of loss was very evident.

While it still seems like only days ago when we were looking surprisingly down at our new baby boy, yesterday Brody turned 6 months old. This still seems unreal to me.

Brody is growing, gaining weight, and he is becoming even more exciting by the minute. He reminds me of Caleb, and he reminds Angela a lot of Talina. (Angela tells me it’s just because I have Caleb fresh in my mind, I think she could be right…) He is well on his way to a copyright infringement of Caleb’s patented “full-body-smile.”

I still can’t feed Brody his bottle without tearing up. It sends me right back into the NICU in the Foothills Hospital where he started with 2.5 mL in a feeding tube. God is so amazing. He has brought our little one so far in such a realatively short time.

It makes you wonder where the time is going, as I know that soon he will be sitting up on his own, then standing with help, then before we know it he’ll be wrestling with his brothers.

This is a good reminder that time stands still for no-one. Let’s make each day count. What do you say?

** In case you missed the original post, it’s called “What Child is This.”

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Some wonderful things our kids say!


I just love all the hilarious things my kids say. Sometimes it’s not what they say as much as how they say it, or how serious they are about it. I thought I’d let you know a few more cute things my kids have said recently.

Jarel as I was cutting up some steak for him – “Mommy, I don’t want to any mistake for supper.”

Talina while I was trying to teach her a lesson in cleaning up after herself – “Mommy, maybe if Daddy sometimes didn’t clean up your messes then you wouldn’t make messes so much.” (Don’t worry, I clean up after myself. This is Talina’s way of processing whether an idea makes sense for everyone, or just her.)

Caleb – My kids really like the movie “Up”. Nate and I figure that it’s extra funny for us, as we take our dog camping a lot and…

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The Unbeatable Tag Team

I was running Saturday night, and I wanted to finish strong so I asked God to help me do just that.

I was reminded then and there, that it’s not when I’m strutting around on my own strength that I can achieve great things, but instead when I admit, “I can’t do this without you” that the awesome things happen.

God’s word says in 2 Corinthians 12:9 that His grace is sufficient for us, and that His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

It’s in the times where we have done all to stand, and keep standing in faith that the astonishing happens. We finally reach the goal that we have been working towards, or we finish that project that just seemed impossible, or we run a little further or faster than we did last time.

Let’s never forget to ask God to help us in what He has assigned us to do. He’s the other man of our unbeatable tag team, reaching through the ropes yelling, “Tag me! Tag me!”

All we have to do is humble ourselves to Him and say, ok God, I need your help!

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Kids Be What Kids See.

Our kids see everything we do, let’s never forget this.

I want to share with you a YouTube video that I saw a few months ago and it’s image has never left me.
This clip is for a mature audience, but extremely thought provoking, tear jerking, and mindset changing. (No kids please.)

Check It Out Here

Let me know what you think…

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Leadership Begins at Home (Not My Content)

**I didn’t write this, I got it in an email from Micheal Hyatt on Intentional Leadership. It’s a guest post by Pastor Dave Stone of Southeast Christian Church in Loiusville, Kentucky. I really hope I’m not breaking any blogging rules by posting this, but it was too good not to pass on.

Living for the Ladder

The more you achieve in leadership circles, the more tempted you will be to put family on the back-burner. Don’t become consumed with climbing the ladder of success. Someday you may find yourself at the top of the ladder—all alone. The joy of success comes when your loved ones are by your side supporting you.

Since leaders are pretty time conscious, let me suggest three crucial times when you can lead your family.

  1. Mealtime: Guard it. Protect it. You may have to eat early or late—just make certain you do it together as often as possible. Harvard professor Dr. Catherine Snow followed 65 families over an eight-year period. She made this profound discovery: Dinnertime is of more value to child development than playtime, school time, and story time.

If eating around the kitchen table trumps the benefits of school, then you’ve got my attention. At the table you can affirm, teach, listen, reinforce, and laugh! Life lessons can be learned here. So put away your phone and look into your family’s eyes.

  1. Travel Time: Like it or not the inside of your SUV or car has become the modern day living room. As you shuttle your kids to and from, you have quality training time. Jesus taught his disciples while he travelled. He always seized teachable moments.

Leading your family isn’t measured by how many different directions you go. Non-stop activity rarely breeds character. Use your travel time to point your children in the right direction.

You won’t always have them riding with you. Someday they’ll be driving separately, and it will be sooner than you think. Take advantage of your captive audience (see Deuteronomy 6:4–9). Remember you are raising them to release them. So use your travel time to prepare them for when you’re not there.

  1. Bedtime: Sometimes we miss out on this pivotal time to lead our little ones, especially Dads. I’ve been guilty of leaving the tucking in and bedtime prayers to my wife—that’s a leadership cop out on my part. You may spend your workday delegating duties, but please don’t do it here. This is an opportunity for each parent to affirm, console, encourage, and bless your kids just before they fall asleep.

My parents took turns. Often one of them would pray by my bedside. “Oh Lord, I can’t wait to see how you are going to use Dave.” So, instead of falling asleep wondering if God could use me, I dreamed of how He was going to use me. They were vision-casting for me as an elementary student. That’s leadership in the home.

Restructure Your Day—and Your Priorities

Centuries ago, the Hebrews actually viewed 6 p.m. when the workday ended as the technical beginning of the day. What if you were to change the way you view the home front—and you allowed your family to get the first fruits of your energy instead of the leftovers? Your children need to see, hear, and sense that they are more important to you than your job.

Remember, in order to lead in the home you must actually be in the home.


Please check out Micheal Hyatt’s blog for yourself at


Soak It Up

I used to find it difficult to enjoy my kids at the age they currently were. I would often find myself wishing they were older so we could go hiking as a family(without packing any of the kids), or embarking on day-long dirt-bike rides as a family. I was so future focused that I was missing out on what was happening right in front of me. I would have missed out on radio jam sessions with Talina, Jarel helping me fix things, Caleb’s hilarious antics, and Brody’s fantastic full body smiles.

However, in these past few days, we have spent lots of time out in the backyard as a family. I even escaped with the older two kids and the dog for a quick spin around the block on our bikes on Saturday which was a blast.

As summer is quickly approaching, it offers us all a chance to spend some great quality time with our family and friends. Whether it’s camping, time at the park, bike rides (pedal or motorized), or a barbecue; make sure you take time to invest in those you love and appreciate where they are at in life right now.

Soak up all you can, I hear time flies when you are having fun!

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