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I want to come right out and be the first to admit that I don’t have everything in this life figured out. I fall short in some area of life every day it seems, but I’m on a journey. I’ve decided to learn from my mistakes and hopefully share what not to do with others, so they can avoid the same pitfalls and traps that I either didn’t see coming, or was too lazy to swerve from.

Will you join me on this journey? A life with no regrets. A life full of joy. A life of fulfillment. A life evading mediocrity.



Sending Mediocrity To Flight

I decided to start a blog after being challenged in the last few months to shake off the mediocre life that many of us grow accustomed to. I made the decision that I’m not ok with being a “good-enough” husband, a “decent” dad, or a “committed” Christian.

I want to be the best husband I can be, I want to fall in love with my wife over and over again. I want to play hard with my kids, I want to end the day with drool or spit-up on my shirt, and having changed at least a diaper or two. I want to be salt and light for Jesus, after all, I might be the only Bible my co-workers read. Selah (stop and think about it.)

Good enough. The words sound empty to me, like un-tapped potential lost forever. Every time I hear someone say it, or it slips out of my own mouth I wince. I wonder what I’m giving up by speaking those words, and in turn I wonder what others are missing out on. The problem is, “good enough” never is.

God gave us life, and that more abundantly, His Word clearly says so. We are hand-crafted, unique, personally designed human beings, with our own feelings, interests, circles of influence, gifts, abilities, and anointings. To sell ourselves short and live simple, mediocre, cookie cutter lives is an insult to our maker, the God of the Heavens.

Let’s choose to live a life of no regrets, starting now. What will you change first?


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